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Restorative Justice and Crisis Response Consultant

Rita Renjitham consults with schools and trains district personnel, Photo of Renjitham (Rita) Alfredschool site staff, students, parents and community members in school districts in the Bay Area in Restorative Justice and Peacemaking Circles. She initiated Restorative Justice and Peacemaking Circles at Cole Middle School in West Oakland initially as the expulsion case manager for Oakland Unified School District, then as the Restorative Justice Coordinator for Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth (RJOY). The pilot program at Cole was effective in significantly transforming the school culture to one that was more caring, and centered on relationships. This culture change was instrumental in the dramatic decrease in referrals for expulsions, suspensions, and violence on campus.   These statistics encouraged staff at approximately 20 additional schools within the District to embrace Restorative Justice, and they are currently implementing restorative practices at their sites. She also served as lead trainer at the Castlemont campus of 4 schools which is a ‘Building Healthy Communities’ site, an initiative funded through The California Endowment.

Rita assisted in the writing of the Restorative Justice Resolution that was adopted and passed by the Oakland Unified School District Board of Education in January 2010.

In the last 6 years, Rita and others have trained over 3000 certificated, classified and support staff at 4 school districts, and is now guiding them through the implementation phase. Rita founded RJTI in 2011 with the goal to build capacity in communities to transform into greater health, vibrancy, and accountability.

Rita raised two sons as a single parent and now is a grandmother to a granddaughter and grandson.

Photo: Rekia Jibrin Rekia Jibrin is a teacher and a restorative justice practitioner. In addition, she researches and writes about race, labor and restorative justice, community violence, feminism and internationalist forms of liberation.

Photo of Stephanie KingdonStephanie is a restorative justice trainer and classroom teacher with eight years of experience in implementing restoratives in the classroom. She founded and co-advised a youth restorative group, the Peace Keepers at Fernando Rivera School in Daly City. This award winning group trained youth to co-facilitate circles for peers in conflict creating a restorative pathway in the schools disciplinary code. Ms Kingdon holds a masters degree in Equity and Social Justice in Education from San Fransisco State University and a credential in social studies. She is passionate about sharing her experiences with restorative justice and supporting the growth of restorative practices in communities. Ms Kingdon has participated in numerous Restorative Justice trainings designed to teach community building and how to respond to harm using restorative practice.

Photo: Rosesharon OatesRosesharon is an artist, mother, educator and long time Oakland resident, who began training with RJTI in 2015. In addition to numerous youth and after school programs, she has taught as an Artist in Residence at Destiny Arts, MOCHA (the Museum of Children’s Art) and the International Capoeira Angola Foundation, promoting peace, youth empowerment and violence prevention through the arts. She has also served in collaboration with Youth Uprising Balance Clinic as a Massage Therapist and Wellness Educator for over 10 years. In addition to mentoring young women, she has facilitated workshops in moving stress, grief, and trauma through the body with movement, meditation, and other ancient practices.
She received her Bachelor of Arts in English from Boston University and has also been certified as a Massage Therapist with the National Holistic Institute.